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The town hall is the first stop. Here you can get tourist information or register as a member of our community. This town is an extension of Ginger Brook Hollow stories. It is designed to simulate a visit to Amber Fields, the neighboring town to the little valley where Grandma Sunday lives. The primary purpose of the town is to provide support for our customers and products. However, it can be a fun place to visit and gather information and ideas whether you have purchased the Ginger Brook Hollow® products or not. Come "step back in time" and become a part of the many things that go on in town. We encourage you to invite a friend because we think most activities are more fun shared, and sharing them can help to build relationships with family and friends.


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If you want to tour our town before registering to see what is there, click on "Tourist Visit". You can also download and print our guide book for a self guided tour, so that as you view the different locations in our town you can learn fun and educational trivia and facts about not only this town, but other small towns from 1896-1897.

Once you have toured our town, if you choose to register as one of our "friends and neighbors", you will not only be able to use all of our town features, but you will also be on our mailing list so that you will be able to receive news, special offers, and fun surprises so that you continue to be a part of Ginger Brook Hollow.
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